Photo of Naomi in Anza Borrego State Park

Welcome! I’m Naomi. (she/her)

I want you to know that all of you is welcome as we work together. I am a mulit-ethnic person, and have often struggled with a sense of belonging. I hope that you will find a relationship with a therapist where you can feel like all parts of you are seen, accepted, and held. I especially love working with people who are multi-ethnic, world travelers, people in multi-ethnic relationships, and those who like to think about life from a spiritual lens.

I have been blessed by being able to learn from a lot of different spiritual practices including: Aztec Cultural practices, Native American traditions,Earth- Based Judasim, Christianity, and Quaker Friends Meetings. If you feel connected to spirit, the Earth, the web of life, or have experiences with psychedelics, you might enjoy working with me. Please feel free to reach out and see if it's a good fit!

I currently offer counseling, ritual assistance, and coaching. Counseling sessions can include EMDR, Somatic Practices, Energy Psychology, CBT, DBT, Narrative Interventions, and Art Therapy Activities. Our work will be tailored specifically for your needs.

For any of these offerings, we can arrange to meet via phone or zoom, or if scheduling allows, for a walk in a tranquil setting.

With me, or with whomever you choose:
May you find the healing that you seek and the right mix of tools and companionship for the present moment.

I am currently practicing under the auspices Grateful Heart Holistic Therapy Center under the supervision of Megan Gredesky (LMFT #89058).

I am a registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT #141600).